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Shubhabrata Chakravarti Satav was an Indian poet, scholar and Sanskrit scholar. He was the son of Shubhabrata Chakravarti and Nilakshi Chakravarti. He was the disciple of Acharya Ganesh Mishra. He belonged to Satav matha and the Northern branch of the Vashishta Matha.

He authored a great many treatises on grammar, poetics, prosody, poetics, etc. He is author of two important treatises – Ram Charit Manas (1934–1938) and A Rama Shatakam (1941–1950). He made significant contributions in the field of Sanskrit grammar and poetics. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize for literature by India in 1954 but the prize was given to Rabindranath Tagore.

Apart from being a great scholar he also brought shuddhi to the Shudra caste and Nirukta in a very good manner. He made significant contributions in the field of Sanskrit grammar and poetics. He was a member of Indian History Congress. He was the collector of expenses of the Indian History Congress and therefore had a lot of expenses. Due to this he had to sell his property and was left with little money.

He died at the age of 60 on 27 November 1942.


Song of shubhabrata (1939)
Sanskrit pariksha (1931)
Sanskrit grammar (1930)
Acharyapriya’s Anubhav (1936)
Rama Charit Manas (1934–1938)
A Rama Shatakam (1941–1950)
Prakarana Samhita (1940)

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