Plan B 3 Movie Download 720p 💖

Plan B 3 Movie Download 720p 💖



Plan B 3 Movie Download 720p

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Plan B 3 movie download 720p

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How to provide a custom SWF load and play graphic for an ImageButton

I’m creating a basic game using Flex and FlashDevelop 4.6 and I’m wondering how I would go about implementing a custom loading graphic for the ImageButton.
The button loads a SWF and runs a function, once the function is finished running it dispatches the Event.COMPLETE from my Main class and calls my Draw function. The Draw function draws my scene.
I’d like to create a graphic that can be loaded into my SWF and displayed when the ImageButton is clicked. I know with AS3 you can create sprites and the load the Sprite through the imagesurface object, but in Flex this doesn’t seem to be an option.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


If you need an extra graphic for your loading, you need to do so in SWF, a display object that is drawn during loading. As I see in the question there is a button and a SWF.
I don’t know when a button is clicked but as I read in this post on Stackoverflow, some times can take some time to load. Use a timer to reload your app when needed.

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