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How to alter the logic inside a script to fit a specific JSON structure?

I am working on a fun little script that copies all files from one host to another. Basically it runs the shell command:
rsync -e’ssh -p 554′ -avz -e’ssh -p 443′ –rsh=’ssh -p 554′ –rsh=’ssh -p 443′ –rsh=’ssh -p 989′ /sda1/*/data/ext/ /sdb1/data/ext/

It then goes through each file and adds it to an Amazon Glacier account, uploads it, and then deletes the file on S3. I am able to get this working without the –rsh directives. They are there for an automatic backup to other buckets.
However, I am having trouble with the rsh directives.
Here is the JSON structure of what is being passed to the 2 rsh directives for the particular source and target:

Here is my current code to make my rsh directives work:
import subprocess
import csv
import sys
import glob
import json
import copy

# get source and target as key/value
source = sys.argv[1]
target = sys.argv[2]

# make sure the targets bucket exists
if not os.path.isdir(target):
print(“Error: Target bucket not found or directory.”)

# make sure the target bucket is empty
if os.listdir(target):
print(“Error: Target bucket is already non-empty.” )

# get the size in bytes for the bucket
size = getattr(glob.glob(os.path.join(target, “*.bgz”)), “size”, 0)

# Create the Glacier account

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Free FPS Does Not Have Any Systems, Contacted Support And Was Told To Use Cloud Video for Development

I’m working on a game in unity and found that the player has a very low FPS. I checked my player does not have any systems. I checked which system to optimise. Tried disabling all the features. I cleaned the cache and still get the same FPS.
Then I found a comment on reddit saying to try contacting support. The support team told me to use cloud video.
Does anyone know what cloud video is? How do I know if my game is using it? Is it really the solution?


Cloud Video is a platform built by Facebook to store media files in a non-editable form and allow people to stream video from it.
I’m not an expert on Unity, but I’m pretty sure that the platform will need to be configured to use cloud video instead of your own. It may or may not be an option that you can select in the game.
The reason why they suggest cloud video is because you can save your video assets on the server, meaning it does not need to be attached to the game. You could potentially use their tools to split your video assets into smaller files to improve performance.

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