Lexmark X422 Windows 7 Camera Driver 22l

Lexmark X422 Windows 7 Camera Driver 22l

Lexmark X422 Windows 7 Camera Driver 22l

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Lexmark X422 Windows 7 Camera Driver 22l

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GE 85M013482 Windows 7 64 Bit Camera Driver 22l
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I have Canon Mp430 camera driver for windows 7 64 bit, I am facing an problem like while i click on the Canon Mp430 camera driver for windows 7 64 bit icon on my desktop my desktop is getting crashed when i click on the icon.
How to repair windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit if it can be fixed. Please reply asap. Thank you in advance.
Thank you.


Answer : You can’t repair it. The problem is that you have damaged the Mp430 driver file. I suggest that you install a newer driver which has not been damaged.
So there’s no option other than replacing the damaged driver with a new one.
Find it here

About the Camera Driver.

As you can see below, there is no canon Mp430 driver for windows 7 64 bit

Hope that helps.


Replace items in a list python

I have a list called rawData which looks like this :
[{‘id’: ‘123’,
‘name’: ‘John’,
‘lastname’: ‘Smith’,
‘address’: ‘1 Road xx’,
‘phone’: ‘061234567’,
’email’: ‘john.smith@example.com’},
{‘id’: ‘234’,
‘name’: ‘Joe’,
‘lastname’: ‘Mack’,
‘address’: ‘2 Road xxxx’,
‘phone’: ‘06234567’,
’email’: ‘j.mack@example.com’},
{‘id’: ‘456’,
‘name’: ‘Sam’,
‘lastname’: ‘Jones’,
‘address’: ‘3 Road xxxxx’,
‘phone’: ‘0634567’,

I want to replace the email in the object’s ’email’ with a regex pattern, which will be a dynamic array.
From this:
email =’s.jones@example.com’
pattern = ‘(s*)(.*@)(.*)

I want the email to be replaced as follows:
{‘id’: ‘123’,
‘name’: ‘John’,
‘lastname’: ‘Smith’,
‘address’: ‘1 Road xx’,
‘phone’: ‘0612345


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