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For example: i might get the exact result like this: however using awk like this awk -F “HBase” ‘/path/p’ path.csv | awk -F “.” ‘{print $2}’ | while read a; do pwd -P “$a”; done it will not work. A: With grep: path.csv | grep “Path to HDFS” With cut: grep -E ‘Path to HDFS’ path.csv | cut -d” -f 2 With head, tail, your situation could be quite different path.csv | grep “Path to HDFS” | head -n 1 | tail -n 1 A: You can use grep and awk: grep -E ‘Path to HDFS’ file awk -F ‘”‘ ‘/Path to HDFS/’ file | awk -F ‘/’ ‘{print $3}’ -E select the text that matches only the pattern -E -F ‘”‘ set the field separator as double quotes ‘/Path to HDFS/’ gets the 3rd column values which will contain the path awk -F ‘/’ ‘{print $3}’ gets the 3rd column values which will contain the path public Class getComponentType() { return this; } } ); } } Consumer: import; import java.util.List; public class StreamConsumer implements Serializable { private List streams; public StreamConsumer(List streams) { this.streams = streams; } public List getStreams() { return streams; } } Registry: import; import java.util.Set; import java.

HttpUploadsnackCOmNmtkm7PasswordTorrentAuthor Topic: Fairy Garden (Read 11276 times) I’m going to be going to vet for my green thumb on Saturday and I was hoping some one else would come along ( I do not have it) and maybe let me know if I should create a fairy garden or not. They have a great small model which I have read about in garden center mags.It is a little small for the biggest girls though. I did not hear back from the vet(I don’t hear back from them right away) so I have been having a little fun planning it. What were your plans for it?(Or if you did build it I could get some tips from you) This list is to give you inspiration. You might want to look at the list and see what would work for you. Take a look at what your family has been enjoying. My children are young, but I could have something in my home for them that they could enjoy. I was thinking a big pile of sand would be nice. I have to find out what I’m getting for desert and I will probably put a small petal on it. I also know the wife likes to have me bring the flower/herb arrangements to her when I get home(I remember her getting excited about the arrangements when we were growing the herbs for our first apartment) Do you know what petals would be good for a desert. If so, I’d love to know.Thanks for the list I think I will choose from it. I always wanted a fairy garden as a kid, too. I used to love watching the Walt Disney movies when I was a kid. So it was nice to come across the thread. Looks like you and I are going to have to start a new thread though. I have lots of info on how to create one. I have a couple of books that have pictures and tips on different types of gardens. There is one called the Sassy Scot who also has a little book that helps you know what type of plant to use for a desert. Those are really good books. Sorry but I have no tips on making a fairy garden. I did read the book and the picture of the Disney garden. I plan to start in the fall. I am not sure what petals to pick for a desert. We do have a desert in the south a two of some help would be appreciated. I like the 3e33713323

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