Banaras, which is said to be the ancient and awakened city of Hinduism. i used to hear about Banaras since childhood and with the increase of age, the affinity with Banaras kept increasing, which will probably remain for life.

The mention of Banaras was made while taking the name of “Kashi Kshetra” and Gotra while worshiping and all the pictures about Banaras used to float in the mind.

As the age increases, visiting Benaras also started happening and in 2008 had to stay in Banaras for several months, during that time desire to visit from the Ghats of Benaras to Temples was fulfilled except to visit Kashi Vishwanath temple. The biggest reason for this was the number of thousands of people who thronged for darshan and the thin Street.

In those days, development was gaining momentum in Banaras, but the process of traffic jams that started from Cantt railway station to Lanka continued to increase as the year progressed, the situation had become so bad that the auto drivers had to change the route. Dirt was spreading on as if it had got a place in some schedule of the constitution to stay as it is.

With the changing times, the connection with the railway station and bus station of Banaras was never broken, but if the relationship with anyone was broken, then with the jam of Banaras and the dirt of Banaras. I am in Banaras for the last 10 days but at present the jammed situation is only in name, now neither much wire network is being seen nor much filth is being seen in Banaras. Manduwadih railway station is telling a different identity of Banaras, being beautiful more than the metro station.

When the temple of Kashi Vishwanath ji was being built, the process of darshan which started from that time went on continuously, these days easily darshan is also being done in less time.

The meaning of all things is that this very ancient city has also changed itself with the changing times, due to which Kashi has become beautiful and clean, which is very important.

Divyendu Rai

जिस दिन कुछ बन जाऊँगा, फिर बायोग्राफी में कुछ लिखने की जरूरत ही नहीं रह जाएगी।

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